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Don, welcome your energies as a cocky, confident teenager out in the world!”


Hi Don - As you described Robin's invitation above, I was reminded of a recent experience of being out with a group of attractive young women. Now 47, I was surprised to find myself physically confident among them in a way I certainly never experienced as a teenager, or even decades after.

Age brings confidence, as does 19 years of love of a wonderful woman. But it seemed to me there was something more in this experience. I had no desperate need to fly away out of my body. I was less repulsed by the experience of being a physical being - a man even - than I had in the past.

Many years ago, I was privileged to attend one of your workshops on the theme of the Puer Aeternus. Part of the reason I didn't feel confident in my body was that I didn't want to be in it. My spirit wanted to be free - to be unconstrained by the realities of physical existence.

Finding myself present in a surprising way with these young women I realized that indeed I have over the years been surrendering the puer. Gradually letting go of the need to fly and settling slowly into my body.