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Some reflections on "My Path Is Not The Path For You"

Rishi Sativihari

This is a refreshing subtitle, so very far removed from the gimmicks of our time that seek to sell us a particular way of life. When I first read this section of Don Evan's book I was reminded of the Zen saying, "If you meet the Buddha, kill him." It is not a violent saying. It is a recognition that humility is the beginning of wisdom. It is similar to the response of Jesus when someone referred to him as "Good Teacher". He said, "Why do you call me 'good'. There is only One who is good."

Don has been down these roads before, learning from Jesus, learning from the Buddha, in the midst of his own, both wonderful and painful, life experiences. Each of these two spiritual masters laid out a description of the spiritual path. But Don does not do that. Why? In the end I suspect that it is because the Buddha is whispering into one of his ears, and Jesus into the other, both ensuring him that to being true to himself and his story is the only offering that will be truly helpful to the reader.

What we cannot read in Don's text itself are the living forms of divine guidance which actually led him to write the words that he has written. They are too subtle, beyond words. And yet, I believe, that his faithfulness to not say more than Spirit has advised him to say, will invoke these guides for all those who read these pages. Being with Don in person is very similar. He doesn't say a lot. And yet, in the process of being with him, no important stone is left unturned.